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Bailey pegasus


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we went to the NEC last year and was very impressed with the Bailey pegasus they told me that people were buying it in there hundreds were you one of thoes people and have you received yours yet if so what do you think of it.

This year if I get my motorhome sorted I may be thinking (with my experiance) of getting a caravan instead then if things do go wrong it will not be so expensive

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:-| recently got our Pegasus 554 which we ordered at the NEC last Octoer, was due for delivery Mid December we actually got it on the 29th January!


Overall reasonably happy although a number of small niggly unnecessary faults, like scratches and bumps, which for the money you dont expect. We have friends who have recently taken delivery of a Peggy 514 and have 7 major faults, including heater not working TV not working, currently back in the dealer to get sorted. Was away last weekend in it at Chatsworth and got chatting to an owner of another model the 624 and he again was not overly impressed by the finish and quality, which seems to be a re-occuring theme.


My overall feeling is that Bailey have been more successful with the Alu-tech models than they expected and cannot cope with demand. Overall the quality and finish is worse than our previous van a Bailey Pageant Provence, we bought in 2004. Would I recommend one? Probably not until demand falls and Bailey get a handle on some kind of quality rather than getting them out of the door as quick as they can!

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