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has anyone ever just looked on the web saw what they fancy in a holiday and booked it ?

Then found your own flights and booked them also ?

If so did you have any probs ? Malcolm doesnt want me to do it that way he reckons it could all go tits up and we would be left at the Airport .

He reckons if I do it through a reputable company travel company that we are insured now I know this is true but why will it go wrong I ask myselfand surely we can save money cutting the middle woman out .

Its not really about the money what is annoying me is I called into the local Travel agents and she gave me books I looked and found Rome phoned her back she was busy /

Today I phone back to book and the snooty cow says sorry I am busy we have to give priority to the customer who basically can be bothered to get off their fat a**es and come in ......Well recession or what .I said ok when you are finished with that customer can you phone me back she said yes and she hasnt .I think I met her in a before life I hope I stood on her toes in someway

I wanted to tell her to poke it but alas with hubby driving me mad this end I thought better of it ..




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Rich no we have not BUt we did fancy one on the nile nothing going and added to that we only have the 7 day repreive from the kids

Most of these go out on the mOnday and are longer than 7 days ..

I wished :'( earliest I can get the kids looked after is a Friday and back the following friday .

really fancy Rome now :->

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