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Speed limits in Turkey

Don Madge

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The maximum speed limits in Turkey are a lot lower than many European countries.


Motorways 100 KPH.


Other roads 80 KPH (unless a lower limit is posted.) This includes dual carriageways some with three or four lanes.


Built up areas 50KPH there are also many 30 KPH areas.


The 80 KPH is not signed on most roads.


If you are unfortunate to get booked for speeding you have the option of paying on the spot and getting a 25% reduction on the fine.


If you elect to take a ticket you have one month to pay or the fine will be increased by 5% per month until the fine is paid.


Foreign vehicle drivers have the option of paying the fine when they leave the country, you will not be able to leave Turkey without paying the fine.


This information was obtained at great expense!!!!!


Safe travelling.




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