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Shower room sink tap


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Presumably this problem has suddenly occurred and has never happened before?


If nothing is coming out of the sink tap - neither hot water, nor cold - then it's reasonable to suppose that the problem lies with the tap itself. Perhaps it's gunged up inside, or has become damaged during the recent cold weather.


You could try draining down the water system and blowing hard through the open tap's 'spout', as this might dislodge any muck that might be blocking the water flow and, if it's an 'air lock' that's causing the problem, might help to remove that too. If the spout-blowing trick fails (and I wouldn't bet money on it working!) and the tap subsequently proves to be damaged internally, then it will probably require replacement rather than repair.


If hot water is coming through but not cold (or vice versa), then the appropiate water-hose leading to the sink tap may be blocked or may have kinked, preventing water from flowing through it.


There's also the possibility (I guess) that, when you turn on the tap, it doesn't start the water pump (I think N+B normally uses taps with micro-switches to switch the water pump on and off), but you should be able to hear if that's the case.


I'd be tempted to begin by disconnecting the water-hoses from the tap, then turn the tap on and check whether or not water is emerging under pressure from both hot and cold hoses. Once you've done this test, you should have a better idea where the fault lies.

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