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blow heater fault help


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Hi anyone help me out here with this weird fault.


2009 Swift Mondial with the power isolator panel above the door

When it's off all in well.


When it's powered on to run from Hab Battery for the lights etc to work the truma blow heater motor runs slowly.

This is when the heater switch is turned to ***off*** and no heat required.

Mad - eh

Weird part is it's only when using Habitation battery power. When hooked up to 240 on-site it's fine and all works well.

you can imagine the state of the hab battery after a full night of running a motor - yes no power in the morning


any help will be appreciated

It's still under warranty but i knoe the Dealer is a bit flummoxed too





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Sounds as if the current is leaking back to the motor via. a resistor for control and should probably be switched out by a relay.

If you can't find the relay to check its operation or its wiring then a crude but effective way round it would be to fit a diode set to block the back-feed. This can be done from the switch.The bar on the diode [Maplins] needs to face the direction you want to block as current can flow from the opposite direction. Hope this helps. Use an appropriate strength diode for the supply current.[Amps]

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