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Once again I have a couple of questions.....what more you ask!


1) Is it possible to purchase 'Chrome Mirror Covers' for the two door mirrors (2002 Boxer / Ducato)? I have seen them as an accessory for Transit and a few other Vans. The are basically Chromed Plastic and adhere to the existing plastic cover. Here is a link as an example:



2) When we bought our motorhome we were aware that there was an original fit reversing camera on the rear (as per SE spec), however there isn't a screen in the cab, nor any indicators of one ever having been fitted (e.g. screw holes). It isn't really aproblem as it also has reversing sensors fitted, but we would like to put a screen back.....BUT....we have searched high and low and cannot find any wiring in the cab for the camera...any ideas?


Again thanks in advance.


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Sorry, I can't help re the chrome mirror covers.


Regarding the reversing camera

Common practice was for the lead to come up through the base of the document holder on the dash.

Is there any sign of screwholes (3) on the document holder or to one side.

Another position could be in place of or attached to the rearview mirror so there may be a cable entry hole located near that.

Sounds like the original camera may have failed and a previous owner replaced it with reversing sensors if they were unable to locate a replacement camera.

May be a case of contacting

a) the previus owner, to see if he has inadvertantly forgotten to put the camera screen in the van or has any knowledge of what occurred

b) contact the manufacturer or original dealer to identify what camera screen was fitted.

c) contact a local dealer to see if he can supply (& fit) the screen only

d) if you feel capable to fit yourself contact the likes of Roadpro, for parts.

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Thanks for the replies.


Im the third owner of the Motorhome, the previous owner I bought it off bought a replacement screen, but he couldn't find the wires either. He gave me the screen thinking I'd have more luck finding the wires.


I've checked all over the dashboard and surrounding area for any sign of screw holes, and additional wires, but nothing!


On my motorhome there isn't a rearview mirror fitted as there is no view out the rear, but the steel mounting is still attached to the screen so I suppose it is possible a screen could have been mounted to that originally?


The only item in the cab which appears to be non-original Peugeot os a vert small black plastic switch located under the map light panel on the roof. It doesn't appear to operate anything. Do these reversing camera screens maybe have an on / off power switch mounted like this?


Perhaps I should investigate behind the map light panel as the wires could have been tucked back in there when the screen failed / was removed?


Is there any way of telling if the camera on the rear is wireless?


I put a few posts on Peugeot and Fiat commercial forums to see if I could come up with the chrome bits.


Thanks again


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Just another thought, is the m/home an Auto-Trail, (You mentioned the SE spec) if so I believe that the monitor was also a DVD player that was roof mounted, so as you suspect, the wiring could be behind the unkown switch that you mentioned.





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Time I think for you to supply identification details of your motorhome (2002 Elddis Autostratus CK2000SE) so that they appear each time you post to the forum.


This can be done by selecting 'Control Panel' from the box headed (in your case) "Welcome, zaria123" and then entering the motorhome identification data in the "Location" field where you have currently got "Newtownards, Northern Ireland". (You can see the effect/technique if you look at my postings and view my own Profile.)


I'm doubtful that you'll find chrome-finish door-mirror 'posing pouches' for your vintage of Peugeot Boxer, but I can tell you where you can buy faux-snakeskin seat covers and dangling green fluffy dice with flashing LEDs. ;-)


It would be unusual for a wireless reversing-camera system to be fitted by a motorhome manufacturer as original equipment. If your camera were wireless, then it should be evident from the fact that there will be a receiver within the vehicle somewhere close to the camera and a 12V power-feed to the camera (probably fed from the motorhome's reversing light).


An 'original-equipment' non-wireless system may have the cable leading from camera to cab-monitor buried within body mouldings and leading forwards between living-area ceiling and the roof. I'd do as you suggest and search for a cable behind the map-light panel. There are several ways a camera system may be wired and it's plausible that your mysterious switch was involved.


As flicka suggests, it's possible that the camera itself may be duff. I know that, if I had been the previous owner, I'd have investigated the cabling and established that the camera was in working order before buying a replacement monitor.

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Hi Guys


Thanks for the replies....I have updated my profile so my motohome should be showing under location now, I did have its details under my Signature, but they never seemed to appear even if i chose to include signature.


Perhaps I shall give up on the chrome accessories, if its felt i need some furry dice and beautiful snakeskin print seat covers to match 8-) :-D


Hopefully today I will get home from work (in daylight) to spend a bit more time looking for this wiring for the camera.


The previous owner did admit to buying a camera and not looking for the wiring first and didn't investigate further.


If I could find the wiring I don't mind if the camera is duff and I need to buy a new one if thats what it takes to get it working.




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Lord Raindrop - 2010-02-09 12:36 AM


I find no need for interior rear view mirrors or cameras, the two side mirrors serve me well and its easy enough to see all I need to.


Nor me, but the downside of my being blessed with X-ray eyes and able to fly at supersonic speed is that my Superman cloak gets caught in my motorhome's seat-belts and having to wear my knickers outside my tights can be a mite embarassing.


Seriously though, a reversing camera is, in my view, one of the most valuable accessories that can be fitted to a motorhome. When driving, how can it be other than a negative thing to have seriously restricted rearwards vision?

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(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


The purpose of the reversing camera isn't really to help us reverse, as we can do that with the mirrors and we have reversing sensors just in case.


We will be towing a micro car trailer, with one of our classic micro cars on board, but its quite narrow and tends to be mostly out of vision of the mirrors when driving, the camera is simply to keep an eye on things to make sure all is safe.


And it does let us know whats going on on the road directly behind us.

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Regarding the camera, the first step is to ascertain if it works. Check the camera has a 12 Volts power feed. This may be easy to do if it is a night-vision camera which will have Infra Red LEDs around the lens. These should glow red when it is dark. If just a day-light camera you will need a voltmeter to check for 12V.

If the camera has been wired correctly the vehicle will need to be in reverse gear with the ignition switched on to power the camera.


If the camera is powered you need to check for a video signal. Without a monitor this is no easy task. You can remove the camera and connect it to the AV/1 or AV/2 input on most domestic TV sets. These are either a SCART or RCA/Phono connector. You will have to scource an appropriate test cable.


Or having removed the camera take it to specialist outfit for testing. If you were in Leeds we'd test it for free!


Having removed the camera you will at least see the type and colour of cable that runs through the van. Hopefully, the installer has not joined the cable so you will know what sort of cable you are looking for at the dasboard end. The video cable may have fallen down a long way behind the dashboard and become entangle in the vehicle and converters wiring looms. Most converters make the wiring looms quite long so you can pull out a lot of cable making it easier to locate other cables.


Some monitors have a self adhesive base so no screw holes will be evident.


I would try contacting the manufacturer asking what the usual location for fitting an original equipment monitor and for a wiring schematic. The wiring schematic (as opposed to a wiring diagram) will show the use of multi-way connectors. It could be that the camera feed is on one of these connectors. Simple then to add a monitor.

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Guys the advice is great....so its good news and bad news.


Good news - purely by accident I discovered the box or tricks belonging to the reversing camera system in the vanity unit cupboard in the bathroom (which runs across the width of the rear of the motorhome). The cables then go through the floor and are combined with the main loom from the raer of the vehicle encased in all the original retainers and then back in to the vehicle where the lesiure battery and all the main wiring appears to be.


I followed the wires and eventually found them behind the headcloth in the cab (and in daylight found evidence that the screen had been attached to the windscreen with double side tape / pads):

1 x Black power cable

1 x Yellow plug

1 x Black plug (which looks similar to those used on computers to attach a mouse or keyboard prior to usb)

1 x Chopped off wire


Bad News - Doesn't work (lol) (lol) (lol) (I tried with the engine running / vehicle in reverse gear / toggling the switch attached to the overhead console both ways....no joy.


By this stage it was dark, so tomorrow I'm going to drop out the digital clock / map light console to get a better look.




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Have conceded defeat with the reversing camera / screen.


The cabling to the cab is showing 12volts power, yet when I plug the powe rcable in to the screen nothing happens.....so I'm going to entrust the specialists.


To be honest the screen that came in a box looks a bit like somehting from Lidl (not maybe that a bad things if it worked....lol)


So in the end we decided to go for a good day out in the motorhome, to the seaside, have lunch, and tea and do a bit of sight seeing instead B-) B-) B-)


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