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'A' Class cab radio aerial


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At long last we are about to pick up our new Frankia. On 1st March.


In previous 'vans they have fitted a windscreen aerial but as they have had so many complaints about poor reception they have stopped fitting them as standard. I can see the point as we have never been impressed with either of the 2 types they have fitted in the past.


I am now looking to find a good external antenna but the problem lies in fitting a "normal" car aerial as it needs to fit through 30mm + of insulated wall and the fittings on "normal" car aerials are designed for a max of about 5mm bodywork.


Has anyone found a good source for an aerial fit for this purpose. I am sure that the subject has been covered before but the search seems to be on the "fritz" again.

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Thanks for the replies folks.


As radio reception is improved when the antenna has a 360 degree view (ie best stuck up above the roof line) I was hoping to source one which could be fitted through the side wall near the front of the 'van above the side window. The Frankia front wings on the 'A' class don't lend themselves to the purpose as there isn't a lot of flattish space.


The problem being the 30mm + of insulated wall. I have seen one on a French 'van in France which looked the DBs but have no idea what make it was. The body and twig of it was white so blended in with the 'van and could be folded in to avoid being ripped off by overhanging branches. It also appeared to be quite robust (unlike one I saw on a caravan web site).


Anyone seen one like it?

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