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How our tax £'s are spent.


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Not all of them - but a good portion. Enough to run more than a couple of good sized Hospital departments I would guess.


I was staggered to read this that came via a Freedom of Information request:-


" 'EU Referendum' has done some digging and found out that the British Council in the space of two years has spent more that £3.5 million of British taxpayers’ money on climate change propaganda – according to information released to that blog under the Freedom of Information Act.


It has been spent on recruiting young people in 60 countries to pressurise world leaders to “to take action on climate change”. This included funding groups to attend the December Copenhagen summit in order to take part in demonstrations.


The £3.5 million expenditure has been incurred on two initiatives. The first, and most expensive, costing £2.5 million, is the “International Climate Champions” programme. which “engages young people around the world as communicators who will help to influence and educate their peers and the general public on the urgency of climate change”.??


This is matched by the European element known as “Challenge Europe”, which has cost hard-pressed British taxpayers £1.1 million to date. The British Council describes it as a three year project “that aspires to make a definite and lasting impact on the climate change debate, and is ambitious in its aim to accelerate change to a low carbon future.”


To my mind any group or organisation or individual who uses the term “champion” to mean “advocate” should be the first against the redundancy wall when public sector cuts come.


In this particular instance it seems to have a very sinister implication - specifically the indoctrination of children.


More importantly, what exactly is the point of the British Council?


I thought it was to promote Britain and British culture abroad.


But here are we really seeing it being used to advocate a particular political idea held by the ruling elite?


Are we to assume that our embassies in the Third World already spend most of their time lecturing people about carbon emissions?


Now, one could argue that avoiding damaging the environment is in Britain’s strategic interests but it’s hard to see how a cultural body such as the British Council can justify paying young people from around the globe to take part in demonstrations at Climate Change bun-fights such as the recent one in Copenhagen where Government delegates flew in from all over the world to discuss a non-event and come up with no decisions but whilst leaving a Carbon Footprint in a couple of weeks the same size of that which a small country produces in a year.


Apologies for another “Climate change” rant from yours truly – but since the release of the CRU tapes the revelations as to what the advocates of Global Warming have been getting up to just keeps coming and coming. Even the BBC is now openly critical of what has been going on!


Now that is a shocker!




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Guest Tracker

There is currently a very misleading government ad running on TV which states that the passenger car is the single biggest producer of CO2 in the UK.


My uderstanding is that power stations produce about 32% of total UK CO2, passenger cars 14% which is about the same as residential use with industrial use producing 11% - would be more if successive governments and unions had not between them strangled manufacturing - and all the rest adding up to the remaining 29%.


Figures for individual use, excluding industry and power generation, show 'personal transport' as about 26% and whilst individually the various household uses are less by type when added together they ammount to around 50% of personal use, of which domestic space heating is the largest at almost 25%. If you are going to break down household usage into various types then the same should apply to 'personal transport' - figures unavailable - conveniently!


With flying at 14% - using untaxed fuel of course - and various others making up the remaining 10%.


So the are lies, damned lies and statistics and statistics can be manipulated to say anything that you want them to say - but then we already know that don't we?

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Where I live, Rural Pembrokeshire, there is far more C02 coming out of cows backsides than private vehicle use (and now is 'Muckspreading season' !!) and 4x4's are the transport of sensible people who DON'T get stuck in snowdrifts, not the whim of the 'Monied private school classes'.

When the rocks in your garden were formed several million years ago the 'Breathless, Climate IS Changing ' people seem just a bit Hysterical.

Fed-up with most of the media being pre-occupied with what happens inside the M25 ! And i'm NOT on expenses and neither is my Duck.

Rant over. :D :D Ray

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Guest Tracker
Rayjsj - 2010-02-10 6:55 PM

there is far more C02 coming out of cows backsides than private vehicle use (and now is 'Muckspreading season' !!)


And there was me thinking that only Westminster and Cardiff are producing bovine effluent in such great quantities?

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Let's just wait and see what our esteemed Great Leader does over the eurozone fiasco. It's being said that various members of the EU will have to stump up to help Greece and possibly others soon to be in deep do-do.


Not being in the eurozone may not save our taxes given the way that Browns' answer to just about everything is to offer huge sums of our money. We saw it in Copenhagen in the vain hope of getting a deal.


Another PM who wants a legacy.



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