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1998 N&B Flair on fiat Ducato MAM required please


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Well pretty much as in the title really. The reason I am asking is that I have had a Flair of this vintage in the workshop yesterday and today and among other things there appears to be a discrepancy on MAM. The only plate I can find states 3500KGs as MAM but when I weighed it I got a total of 3780KGs with me on board, I'm 90 KGS so that still leaves the motorhome at 3690KGS with hardly anything on board and empty water tanks, even the garage is empty. The tax disc shows PLG which means it is supposed to be less than 3500KGs MAM. Does anyone else own a Flair of similar vintage and know what the specified MAM is and even better if you know your actual weights.


Thanks in advance, D.

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