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SCAM - RHF Productions Ltd.


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We have now had it confirmed that RHF Productions is a scam. It seems to work by their somehow getting details of Sky Subscribers when you update your box. It happened to us when we upgraded to Sky plus in January.


RHF Productions then send out a letter saying that they tried to collect money as arranged but the payment was declined and you need to send a small amount of money.




It is a phishing scam to get your true bank or credit card details.


Be warned this could well happen to you if you change anything on a Sky subscription. Sky is investigating how they get the details but it does seem that they do not get the full details as the letters from these scumbags is addressed to me, but I have never been a Sky subscriber - my wife happened to do that years ago - she is the name on our Sky subscription.


If you do get one - forward it to the OFT.


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