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What happened to the new mag?

Tony Jones

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You know the one - there were a few "WarnerThreads" last year about "Go Motorhoming," and we saw an (IMHO) excellent first edition.


I know the next issue wasn't due till "spring," but I sent a PM to Sally (the editor) on 9 October with some ideas (and some compliments). I also sent the same message in an e-mail to her.


The PM is STILL in my outbox, I had no reply to my e-mail, and all the WarnerThreads have disappeared.


Is "Go MH" alive or dead?



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Thanks Gerry - never been there before!

But it only refers to the 1st edition, no mention of when to expect another.

"Spring" can mean anything from Shrove Tuesday to early June!


And there's no sign of the threads asking for contributions etc, which, combined with Sally not answering e-m or PM, made me wonder if it's actually going to happen.

I hope so, I enjoyed it.


And Mel ..... "SERMON" indeed. When do I EVER preach on here? There have been so many threads I could have turned around to get my own message in (well His anyway :-D ), but I'm always VERY well-behaved!

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Nooooo Tony, that's not what I meant by sermon, what I meant is:


SERMON: Send Email Recipient Monotonous Ooddles of Nonsense! :D (lol)


As for being well behaved, maybe so at the moment ... but I think Janine has the naughty step ready and waiting for you just in case! :-D

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hi tony


we were also wondering what has happened


after our blog of our trip to italy we received an email from sally asking if we had any photos to accompany the text..

we replied but never heard anything further....

so we assumed the venture had not taken off


perhaps an update from the admin team on the situation is due....





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