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Anyone experienced the Karmann Colorado 600?


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Hi Everyone. Just wondered if anyone out there has come across the MMM 2010 awards, Luxury Family winner. Reading the article, it mentions the fact that there is a rear seat belt option with the U shaped lounge. This would allow us to downsize to a 4 berth and still have the kids secured safely. Will look into it further, but you can't beat canny advice from you lot. :-)
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This model used to have as standard an inwards-facing belted 'travelling position' on the front of each leg of the U-lounge seat, plus another (optional) belted position at the rear of each leg (presumably you had to remove the centre rear cushion of the 'U' to use the latter) - so you could potentially carry 4 safety-belted passengers in the lounge area, all facing inwards.


Now that belted inwards-facing travel seats are verboten for new motorhomes, the Colorado 600 has just two (optional) belted travelling positions, facing forwards and using the centre lateral section of the 'U', as shown on this floor-plan




Regarding safety, you might want to bear in mind that the rear seats are pretty close to the rear of the motorhome - not the greatest place to be in the event of a heavy rear-end shunt. Also the vertical movement might affect anyone prone to travel sickness.


Nicely made vehicles, particularly if you like blingy interiors.

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