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corner steadies


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Welcome to the forum.


Basically, there are two sorts of corner-steady used on motorhomes - the wind-down 'caravan' type or the swing-down 'telescopic' type.


In the first case, the motorhome's chassis will have been prepared by the motorhome manufacturer to accept a particular make/model of steady and it's unlikely (based on my own experience) that alternatives can successfully be fitted. So, if you've bought a pair of wind-down steadies and your motorhome (it would be helpful to know the make/model/age of this) hasn't been prepared originally to take this type of steady, or the steadies you've purchased aren't the ones the vehicle was designed for, you may well be on a loser.


However, your description suggests that you've bought the second type, sometimes referred to as "universal" steadies. Historically, the primary UK distributor of these has been CAK Tanks (www.caktanks.com) and I think their steadies are usually branded "Atwood". The CAK steadies come in two extended-lengths - 450mm or 550mm - and the correct version needs to have been selected according to the motorhome's rear ground clearance.


The flat base (around 4" x 2") of the steady is either welded or (preferably) bolted to the motorhome's chassis at a suitable position. The chosen mounting-point needs to be VERY sturdy as, if the motorhome is parked on soft ground and the tyres sink in, the steady will exert considerable upwards force on the chassis.


You may well need to drill the chassis to take mounting bolts, or fabricate strong mounting brackets. If the motorhome's chassis stops well short of the vehicle's rear wall and/or is not extended outwards towards the vehicle's body sides, then you'll need to fabricate a substantial metal support-structure to which the steadies can be attached. DON'T attach the steadies to the underside of the motorhome's floor as, if a lot of weight comes on a steady, damage to the floor will be near as dammit inevitable.


Bear in mind too that there's little point attaching swing-down steadies to a position on the chassis that happens to be convenient if this means you'll need to sprawl full-length beneath your motorhome every time you want to deploy/retract the steadies.


These are some earlier corner-steady-related threads, with the last one an example of the forum at its most thought-provoking. (!) (!)











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