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How much for damp repair?


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Hi all

you might have seen my post about my poor damp luton and you have been stars in your advice.


Just opened a new thread to catch anyone who might not have spotted the other one.


On your advice I asked about the worst case scenario of needing internal boards and frame replaced (very likely) and was quoted, by the company I like and have heard good things about (M and E Motorhomes), about £700. This includes new internal boards, new batons if needed and all the resealing of the luton etc. The other company in Belfast never got back to me with a quote


My question is,

1. is this a reasonable quote?

2. To those with older vans - how worth it is it to repair if the van is worth less than £10k. Will it start needing more money than sensible to keep it on the road?

We have no hope of trading up at the moment and probably for years to come - it would be back to camping if we sold her.


Thanks so much


Really need the words of experience here as I'm awful attached to our van and worried my judgement is clouded.


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Well here goes..


Reasonable quote? Not a clue, I'll leave that for those who know.


Going back to camping, not a chance in hell after a motorhome.


Let's say you owned a car worth the same as your van, £7000 say. It needs a gearbox repair for £700, would you have that fixed, bearing in mind you can't afford to change the car and you don't want to return to cycling.


You're always going to incur more repair/runnings costs as your van gets older, regardless of the damp issue.


Has that helped or made it worse?



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No way of knowing if it is reasonable without knowing how much work is involved. It could be 1 foot square area involved or could be 20 foot square area. There is a lot of work involved so is probably not unreasonale at all.


Is it worth spending £700 on a 10K motorhome.

What would it cost you to replace and what would the depreciation be on a 10K motorhome in the 1st year including repairs you find need doing outside any warranty. Of course it is worth it because without the repair any offer you get will be less the cost of the repairs plus the hastle for buyer and risk. So you are still quids in compared to buying a replacement Motorhome. Do not look at as £700 this year, but £700 over the total years of ownership - not a lot. Only you know the condition of the rest of the Motorhome and if you are willing to spend money on keeping it going.

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Not being familiar with your van or the problem, how does one assess ANY costs?


Can you do the job yourself is one way of approaching any cost problem.


Are there other traders who could do the same repair and are within a reasonable distance from home that you could ask? Are there any other people who have had work done by this company? Even ask the company itself if they have old customers to ask about similar repairs. If they object then perhaps it’s not a good idea to continue with them. Any one who takes on any repair should be asked for past references to similar problems.


Does the repairer provide any guarantee of future problems? Quite possibly not. This is a difficult one as the end user may not be respectful regarding what has already been carried out.


OK, so the water damage may be sealed at this point but there may be a problem somewhere else down the road and you may think it was the last repairers fault when it was not. Water can creep a very long way.


Another repair failed to reply, they obviously don't want the job for what ever reason, too busy or just dislike the idea or perhaps even not competent in doing that type of repair. When customers come to me for repairs I always say ask as many others as possible and listen carefully to their answers you will then build up an idea of who sounds the most competent to take on the task.


As said it’s difficult to assess how much is right. If you intend to keep the van for say 5 or 10 years and the cost is £700 and at the end of that time the problem re-appears, at least you have only paid out £700 in a set amount of time, whereas another van would have cost you many thousands, on balance I would suggest pay the money and enjoy another 5 or 10 years of reasonably cheap use.


The company described some of the items they would cover so they must have some idea of what is involved, but do be aware that 'once the lid is off’' it may open a whole new 'can of worms' unfortunately all this will be unknown until the day they start. Perhaps the £700 relates to this unknown quantity.


How many people and how long will it take? Again its unknown. I think the company are playing safe by stating a cost, you could talk to them about your concerns and ask to visit and look once they've opened up the panels, they may say, Oh No its a health and safety problem, but you could point out that you are not questioning their work standards but would like to assess any future problems that may be encountered.


I would suggest that its important that you see what the problem was and how it was caused. Any good repairer worth his salt would never refuse. Make your inspection part of the deal.


Perhaps Dave Newell will add his comments on here as he will likely know more of the internal structure, and indeed if he allows owners to see what he's been up to!


Your last words that you are 'attached' to the van, therein perhaps lay your answer.





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