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last 12 duetto's roll of production

duetto owner

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I think that A/S have stopped using the Ford chassis totally. The factory said that there were some differences in the latest chassis supplied and so they were dropping Ford. Only hope that it gets sorted out, even if we have to wait until the next generation Ford Transit due 2011.


Maybee A/S would like to comment on the forum ???.

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This is an earlier thread on the subject.




Assuming that the 12 Marquis Duettos are built on the 12 Ford chassis referred to in the Auto-Sleepers/ASOC statement, it would appear that the Transit specification changes mentioned in the statement haven't actually stopped the A-S factory from producing Duetto models. It would be interesting to know exactly what has altered specification-wise that makes it suddenly so difficult for A-S to construct Transit-based motorhomes.


If I were a prospective buyer of one of the Marquis "Duetto Dozen" and was aware of the A-S /ASOC statement, I'd also be asking myself what the A-S factory had done when marrying a revised-specification Transit panel-van to an original-specification Duetto conversion.


duetto owner's motorhome was certainly no paragon of A-S build-quality virtue and that was when A-S was working with a known-quantity chassis. Modifying the Duetto conversion specification at short notice (which, presumably, is what A-S has been forced to do) just adds to the potential risk of build-quality faults.

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our duetto faults


on ford side cracked paintwork in rail gullies and sliding side door leaked in heavy rain.......both corrected under ford warranty [took ages to get approval]


on habitation

minor leaking water tank

intermittent ignition failure on cooker [took two attempts to fix]

under seat catch breaks, toilet holder broken

frayed blind, caused blind to keep catching and crease

roof vent the plastic fittings kept falling apart on the inside

seals around roof vent peeled away

these all fixed by marquis, found them very helpful.



when run on mains had a clicking noise preventing sleep at night

eberspacher fixed this in ten minutes again very helpful


most of the above could have been sorted by factory check, or performing a PDI check like cars have.


Now thats its running well we are very impressed with it.

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