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Hymer Electroblock


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My Electroblock (EBL105) has stopped charging the leisure batteries - anyone got any ideas of what the problem may be, or how I can get it repaired. I remember a letter in MMM a couple of years or so ago giving details of the actual manufacturer in Germany and how to go about getting it repaired??
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Hi the address for electrobloc is



Udo Lang,

Technischer Kundendienst

Schaudt GmbH Elektrotechnik & Apparatebau

Daimlerstr. 5 - 88677 Markdorf - Germany

email: kundendienst@schaudt-gmbh.de

Tel. +49 7544 9577-70 Fax +49 - 7544 - 9577-49



Kind regards hygra

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If you can find it last year I had a thread on about our Electoblock and had a lot of help. We did get in touch with the German company by e mail they were very helpful, but by the time we had paid for the postage of the old one there and back it became expensive.

In the end we went to Brownhills and got a exchange unit which they had in stock, they allowed us £100 exchange and we paid £300. but it has been perfect since.

I would put a link but sorry don't know how, maybe some kind person could to it. Carol.

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Hymer C 9. - 2010-02-22 8:28 PM


If you can find it last year I had a thread on about our Electoblock and had a lot of help....




This is the earlier thread:




It's easy enough to provide a link to an earlier thread. Just identify the relevant thread and bring it up on your screen. Then highlight the thread's 'address' (towards the top of the screen) and copy-and-paste that address into the current thread to act as the link. If you are going to provide several links it's wise to copy-and-paste each individual address into temporary storage (like a word processor document) and then copy-and-paste all the links simultaneously into the forum thread.


(Incidentally, I had a helluva job finding your 2009 thread as every forum Search I made using your User Name retrieved no matching results. I'd just about given up when I noticed that your User Name has TWO blanks between "Hymer" and "C", not one. The extra blank is critical, but doesn't normally show up as the forum's software tends to remove extraneous spaces and I only spotted it by chance when I 'quoted' from your posting on this thread. So, if you ever want to Search for your earlier postings, your User Name (that you'd type into the Filter by Author field in the Search facility) is actually "HymerbbCb9.", not "HymerbCb9.")


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gullnooker - 2010-03-02 3:14 PM


Thanks, thats very helpful. I'll try contacting them when I return home from holiday. We're presently getting by by having a trickle charger keeping the leisure batteries charged.


:-D You are NOT currently (no pun intended) in Spain by any chance?

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