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Ignorant Salesman


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My son and his wife went to a local Caravan / Motorhome dealer last week to look at a caravan he had seen advertised ,but being late home from work did not bother to get changed out of his work clothes , at the dealership he was ignored by the salesman obviously because of his appearance I suppose he though my son could not afford it, but being a first time caravan buyer he asked what weight caravan he could pull with his car , relucantly the sales man looked up on his computer and asked my son what car he had then when he told him its a 2010 VW Passat top of the range estate all of a sudden the salemans attitude changed when he knew he was dealing with someone with money who wanted to pay "cash " for the caravan he almost fell over trying to be helpfull to which my son said thanks but no thanks never judge a book by its cover .
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