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There was an earlier thread mentioning the Truck selection for Tom Tom Sat Nav's (can't find it now)

It is only suitable for a few models

"TomTom WORK Truck Navigation introduces new navigation software which calculates routes optimised for truck drivers.


This new technology consists of two components: a new routing algorithm and a map including truck attributes, such as clearance heights and weight restrictions. The new routing algorithm takes into account specific challenges that truck drivers face. For instance, in most cases it will avoid small town roads, narrow residential areas, narrow streets and sharp turns when calculating routes. Additionally, it will take into account the maximum speed of some trucks when calculating the route and arrival time.


For countries where truck attributes are included in the map, the routing is even more sophisticated. When selecting the truck profile the user is asked to enter the dimensions of the vehicle (weight, weight per axle, length, width, limit and max speed). This information is then matched with data in the map, such as tunnel heights or bridge weight restrictions. The result is a truck optimised route avoiding all known dimensional restrictions on the way.


These specific truck attributes are only available for the major and interconnecting road networks of the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.


Truck Navigation will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux and the United Kingdom.


The Truck Navigation solution is available on SD card and is only compatible with the TomTom GO 520/720/920 and 530/730/930 models.


If you want more information about the TomTom WORK Truck Navigation solution then please click on the following link.



Mine's not included >:-(

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