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France Passion


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Tony Jones - 2010-09-18 6:13 PM


Hi Margaret, I've got France Passion on TomTom. I THINK it was from 2009, but can't remember where I found it. Someone on here may have posted a link!

It's only a 7kb file, so if you PM me I'll e-mail it to you as an attachment.


Thanks, Tony

Have PMed


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robertandjean - 2010-09-18 7:53 PM


cleo - 2010-09-18 6:45 PM


hi these french passion sites sound just up our street but as most of you, i think, have european vans would our american rv 34 foot be too big to use these sites. Your help would be appreciated as l don't want to join and find l have wasted my money. Thanks again for any help given. *-) (lol)

Most of the France Passion sites we have visited would be difficult with an RV, due to either narrow access roads or the parking itself. Although in the guide many indicate are suitable for "le grand campers" think this means vans upto say 7/8 m not RVs. Not to say some are fine eg Cap Nature at Audinghen (dept 62) is easy for RVs, have seen two there.


Thanks for the reply at least we know now.

Interesting also that few further contributions to suggestions/reports of FP sites other than the 10 we have provided. Come on some of you forget this "keep it to youself attitude" and share info in the spirit of both the www and FP.

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We stayed on our first France Passion site on a goat farm and cheese maker at Frehel. Ferme du Moulin de Tertre Morgan. We were able to watch the goats being milked and half an hour later we were able to buy 2 litres of fresh goats milk. This tasted fantastic and Joan was surprised with the taste as it was nothing like the milk she had bought in the UK. There is parking for about 3 Motorhomes here. We with the trailer measured over 10 metres.






Our other one was Cap' Helix Escargots at N 48 03.071 W 004 34.345. Had tour of the site and bought some snails in Garlic Butter? These were very chewy and we didn't like them. The taste was not bad but it was like chewing a piece of rubber. Although the French like to think that eating snails in something French the actual snail species in common use for producing edible snails are from Belarus. The snails are housed in long green net tunnels and feed on clover and radishes as well as supplements containing limestone for their shells. There is a sprinkler system to ensure a damp environment. The harvest 250,000 kilos of snails per year and it takes two years for a snails egg to reach harvesting size. They get the eggs in February from last years stock. Just space to fit our 7 metre Motor home in so had to detach the trailer and park it along side.






The roads to both sites are quite narrow but very little traffic so we encountered no problems.



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