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Electric step


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Hi our step has project 2000 on it? thanks for you comments, and diagrams.


Another question I have is about the noise level in the cab when we are doing 60+ the engine is so loud a constant drone... is this normal? We checked the sound decibels which reached 70 decibels you have to raise your voices in order to hear each other sitting in the front together..

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This is an earlier thread on Project 2000 step problems (with a cross-reference to the MHF forum).




Your Mobilvetta motorhome is quite rare and 12 years old, so I'm doubtful that any forum member will be able to tell you where the fuse protecting the step's 12V power-supply is located.


As you are able to get the step to function by jury-rigging it to a battery, it seems reasonable to assume there's nothing electrically or mechanically wrong with the step itself.


There's also the likelihood that your step should automatically retract when your motorhome's ignition-switch is turned on, which would mean the step's wiring would be include a 12V relay.


So (assuming the step is OK) you've got at least four potential points of failure - a fuse, a relay, the step operating-switch, and a wiring fault. I think you are just going to have to work backwards from the step checking the wiring for continuity as you go and (if you are lucky) somewhere down the line you'll detect the fault.


I would have thought the noise-level is normal. The Iveco base was very 'truck like' and I believe the overall gearing was pretty low (brilliant for climbing hills - not so good on motorways). If the motor is spinning at around 3000rpm at 60mph in top gear, then you can expect a noisy cab environment. You might be able to reduce the racket by adding extra insulation - see the following for a supplier of such products




(If you want a second opinion about the noise, you might try PM-ing Don Madge (see "Greetings from Athens..." thread), as Don owned a Laika A-Class on a similar Iveco chassis.)

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