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fiat power loss problems


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we have x250 2008 just about to come out of warranty and are having problems with loss of power.

It started in the sub zero temperatures with screeching noise on startup and injection light came on .

taking it to fiat main dealer lt was losing power or stalling at road junctions. we had it back within a week but by the time we got home, about 10 miles it was as bad as ever.

back to dealers for a month. they finally brought in fiat technical.

had it back a week two day trip to test it guess what its all back again taking back to dealers monday again.

we were meant to be going on my dream trip to greece but considering cancelling as we dont feel we can trust it at the moment.

has anyone had similar problems with their van


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That is a new one on me!


The screeching could be something as simple as an alternator belt not being tight enough, or the alternator is faulty causing too much drag. Get the alternator output checked and the belt examined. This may involve removing the belt to ensure that the alternator spins freely. The ECU can stop an engine if it detects voltage irregularities in the charging circuit, and the same goes for starter motors.



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I hesitate to post this because I don't know the answer but I have read something that a technical person such as Nick might be able to rationalise and reach some kind of conclusion. I assume you have a cam belt and not a timing chain model.


I have seen similar threads on such a problem somewhere. The problem in these cases appear to have been caused by a frozen belt causing the cam belt to miss a tooth and slip on start up thereby altering the valve timing. I am not sure where I have seen this mentioned.


This does not explain of course why the garage has got the vehicle going and the problem repeats itself but again someone with better knowledge than me might be able to explain. Possibly the valve timing could have been rectified but had slipped again because of the faulty belt.


Over to the experts. If this is nonsense I apologise.

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It would have been a very bizzarre set of circumstances that caused it if the timing was out, but it would have required the belt to be removed and a new one fitted. That the symptoms remain almost completely rule out the possibility.


The ECU can instigate a limp- home mode if certain parameters are detected as potentially damaging to the engine, and a major over or under voltage situation would fit, but would normally cause the engine to shut down.


Is there any sign of smoking or mis-fire? Will the engine not rev up cleanly?

If this is the case then you have an EGR fault. I won't be back on here until monday but if the above is right, there is a remedy for it and your dealer should know what to do, and so do the AA. A cure involves a new EGR valve but there is a way to prove it and keep going until you get to a dealer.


Here it is, just in case anybody ever needs it...


This applies to 2.3 Multijet engines only.


If the engine is running badly and smoking, and will not rev-up properly with probably an engine management light on.


Switch off the engine.


Open the bonnet and look to the centre of the bulkhead below the windscreen. There is a painted panel in the middle that has a solenoid valve behind it with two small rubber pipes coming out of it.


Go to the solenoid valve and grasp the right hand pipe and twist and wiggle it gently until it comes off the valve.


Start the engine and the problem will have cleared and the warning light will go off. Run the engine for a couple of minutes and put the pipe back on while still running. The problem should not start again; if it does, leave the pipe off. It is safe to drive it to a dealer or even to finish your journey. Tell the dealer what you have done and they will know what has to be replaced. You will need a EGR valve because yours is broken inside.


We have had several 07 and 08 vans do this but later ones have a modified unit.


For the record, although this is a common problem on the 2.3 Fiat, it is easy to work around and does not end in a break down. Ford and Mercedes vehicles suffer with it just as much and they are not easily remedied without new parts. All vehicles have their own distinct issues but we find it is better to be able to carry on with your journey than to be recovered!


Sorry if this is wildly off the mark for your problem but it is worthwhile data for other users.



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I had a similar problem in January with my Peugot 2.0 HDI. I have my van in storage on a farm and I arrived to collect it to set off on my travels to France. I had run the engine 3 days before when I pre checked everything prior to departure. The temperature had been down to minus 15 on one of the previous nights and when I arrived it was just below 0.

Turned the key and the engine fired up and stopped immediatly followed by a low screeching noise which carried on for a few seconds. on repeating a few times, it did this every time.

Suspecting frozen diesel I got a Infra red contact heat lamp off the farmer and got my low wattage fan heater out the van and directed the heat under the bonnet onto the filter and fuel pump for about an hour. This had no effect whatsoever.

I then got the heat lamp and put it on the ground underneath and directed it onto the fuel tank and outlet pipe up to the engine for half an hour.

Success, 1st turn of the key, it started and ran normally and did not miss a beat after.

On speaking to the farmer, he said it used to happen on the tractors years ago and he had to change the fuel filter every time.

I wonder if the fuel filer could be the problem on your vehicle, I could have been lucky because I had just had a new one fitted when I had it serviced.

I had a volvo years ago that ran ok till it got on the motorway, then it could not get enough petro thru.

The only thing I can think of for the screeching is the fuel pump trying to turn.





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Yes Mike88 was right about the slipped cam fault that Fiat never found as it didn't log in the ECU.

Loosing power or stalling at road junctions, I'd go for MAP sensor as it causes this fault. Had it myself on a Renault dci that when I tried to move away sharpish into traffic thare was a lag which was a bit dangerous.

Throttle position sensor causes stalling.

Air mass meter loss of power.

Whats this about OK when cold, but not when hot from pandm. It there a temperature sensor fault here. Cheap fix.

Screeching belt likely to be alternator belt.

Check to see if cam belts loose just in case. You never no.

Good luck and post results.


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hi all

when engine is cold all is ok . After last last trip to fiat garage we managed a hundred mile before fault came back

Going back this morning yet again i'll put your comments to service manager.

In the meantime my ferry date is uncomfortably close.

thanks for comments all


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I had loss of power in December / January.


The vehicle stalled, engine management light came on and loss of power if revs went over 3000.


Went to local Fiat garage who diagnosed a faulty battery and replaced.


It subsequently happen again but to lesser extend and i found the m/home battery charging unit was faulty and NOT charging batteries properley - that was replaced and, touch wood, it has been fine for last 1000 miles.


Apparently the low battery was upsetting the ECU and even with engine running it was not working properly.


Good luck



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hi all

phone call from fiat dealer this morning saying fiat technical told them to replace high pressure fuel pump which is one of the things they replaced in febuary! it will be with them on monday,going round in circles springs to mind.

Have cancelled ferries, lets hope we have a good summer


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