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Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up. I recall the subject has appeared in this Forum in the past and hopefully, having read about the true nature of men's suffering, ladies will accord due sympathy to their men-folk in future.


Bob ;-)

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I think it is down to the ladies being able to multi task and we men not.


Ladies can suffer from flu AND get on with other things - it is how they are made! We should celebrate this fact and applaud the ladies ability to carry on even when ill.


We men because we are unable to multi-task should, if ill, concentrate on the task in hand and not let anything dilute the fact that we feel pain more.



8-) (lol)

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Colds and flu are all in the mind. Look at it this way.... you have a sniffle and feel a bit grotty. Yes?


Then you have six numbers come up on Lotto. Are you still going to bed with a glass of hot milk?


In 1985, I decided I was never going to be ill again. Haven't had a cold or flu worthy of the name since then. I didn't visit a doctor between 1985 and 2005 (appendix and accidents excepted). My theory is that medicines reduce your natural resistance. Waiting rooms make you ill.



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