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Slingbox in Europe


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We watch very little television when travelling so can not justify the cost and storage space of a satelite system that will work in southern Europe.

With wifi increasingly available and sometimes free, from reports on Amazon and similar on the face of it a Slingbox is the answer and at the price it seems to be too good to be true. Have we missed something!!

Think slingbox has been mentioned before but can not find the thread. The comments on Amazon are conflicting. Anyone any experience of this gismo?

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Just had a look at it, their website is useless.

The two limiting factors are going to be your upload & download speeds.


Your upload at home is probably limited to 512k & in reality you will get about 300k a bit slow for video streaming.

On campsites the free wifi is often flakey and quite slow and unlightly to be able support streaming video.


Have you considered other site users trying to keep in touch with their family while away but unable to get a connection due to some selfish user hogging all the bandwidth just so he can watch TV.



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