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Electric step stuck open Hymer 544 05 plate - Sorry duplicated


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No response from the switch on the dash or the rear. All fuses seem to be working. Sprayed the linkages with WD40, tired wiggling a few wires. Still no joy.


Am I right that I cannot drive the vehicle with the step down?


How can I get the step to retract so I can visit Hymer UK or Hambiltons? It seems a hell of a job to remove it.

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Is the step fully extended, have you tried using the switch to extend it rather than trying to retract it?  It may, possibly, be refusing to retract, because it "thinks" it isn't extended. 

Otherwise, have you tested the electrical circuits to be sure there is power to the step. 

Can you remove the switch and check that the connections to that are properly made and live.  Try "jumping" the connections at the switch, by directly connecting the live feed to each of the other wires in turn, and see if you can hear a reaction from the step.  If the step then operates, you probably just need a new switch.

If the switch seems OK, move to the step unit and see of power is getting to that, and so on.  However, do be very careful fiddling around with the step, and make sure you pull the fuse feeding it while doing anything to it, because if it does come to life you will be surprised both by how fast it moves and by how powerful the mechanism can be.  You don't want to lose fingers, which is all too possible if they are in the way at the time!

If none of this works you will have to 'phone Hymer UK and see if they can give assistance over the 'phone to isolate the problem, or remove the step unit and take to van to them. 

Can you drive the van with the step down?  I wouldn't, because ours sticks out like one of Boadicea's chariot knives, but in the final analysis it is your van, your insurance and, therefore, your call!

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