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Fiamma Superflow SF126 pro problem


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Sorry for posting what I'm sure has been answered elsewhere but the search is not working well.


I have aquired a home-built campervan that has been left with water in the tank over the winter. We've gone to test everything and there is water leaking from the Carver Cascade 2 heater. We have an engineer coming to look at this in two weeks but we are going away this weekend!


The engineer suggested disconnecting the cold water from the heater and plugging the pipe so we could at least have cold water. We did this but as soon as we turned on the pump (a Fiamma Superflow 126 pro) it made a funny noise and has now stopped working! We've checked the obvious things like the fuse in the main circuit box (again bear in mind this is self-built) and reconnecting the pipe to the heater but still no joy.


Anyone have any advice on what may have happened or what we could try to fix the pump/water system? Is the pump completely broken? If so any advice on where to get spares etc. We are complete novices so any help would be appreciated!



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