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Spanish gas bottles


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There is good news regarding the availabilityof Spanish gas bottles. This year non Spanish residents have been able to buy the orange Repsol bottles without going through the rigmorole of showing any evidence of identity or Spanish address. Although I can't confirm it, I should imagine that the same applies to the Cespsa gas.


Here in Camping Torre del Mar it has been possible to buy a bottle from the delivery lorry rather that from a Repsol depot. At the end of your stay here the bottle may be returned for either a receipt to exchange for another bottle on your next visit here or for the money paid for the initial bottle. Whether the receipt is good for anywhere in Spain, I don't know. But as this is my regular place of stay in Spain I opted for a receipt when I gave up my bottle yesterday. (I am returning home at the weekend).


So I am travelling back to the UK without a Spanish gas bottle for the first time in a number of years. I don't imagine though that there will be much weight saving as that will be taken up with more wine!

































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Barney123 - 2010-03-31 5:35 PM


Anybody want a Spanish Repsol orange gas bottle + regulator, bottle is half full. Dont need it as I have a tank fitted in my van now.

Any offers ??

What size is it Barney? As we have problem with size of gas locker for French bottles


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