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tabbert ffb classic 660


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Hi Modelmaker

Due to the age and it being a continental van I could not find anything regarding payload. Has the current owner got the handbook.?


If not will he put it over a weighbridge and obtain a nett weight unladen.

There is a similar van (but 1990) on e-bay



That shows a Gross Vehicle Weight: 2,728 kg - this appears to be very low & could be the unladen weight. It may be quick e-mail to that sellerto see if he has the info.

Continental prices circa EURO 13k/14k (Italy & Germany)


Tabbert still produce caravans, but I think all their motorhomes changed to the Knaus banner, so an e-mail to their UK Owners club may prove fruitful.


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modelmaker - 2010-04-08 9:15 PM


hi all, I have just enquired about this motorhome but I know nothing about it, does anyone know the payload as its a 3500 kg 1994 vehicle, or any useful information about this vehicle is welcome

We had a 1991 model of the FFB660 Classic a few years ago, when I got it back to the UK I put it on a weighbridge and IIRC it came out at around 2900kg 'empty'. The original Fiat VIN plate had the GVW stamped at 2800kg but I established that it was actually built on the 3500kg chassis before I bought it!


I thought it was very well put together, the only common issue with them seems to be damp getting into the side walls above the driver and passenger windows. We saw quite a few that had been patched in this area.



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