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Something special for Tracker ...

Mel B

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Guest Tracker

Oh gee thanks Mel - I always knew that you were a warm and caring young lady!


The Meerkats is Rosie's favourite TV programme and she watches with great interest their antics!


The BIG question is - should I treat her to her very own Meerkat family - or will she be just as happy with her existing 'family' of various soft cuddly toys that cost 50p each from the local charity shop?


Answers please on the back of a used tenner!

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When in the US and on a couple of occasions as we arrived at a KOA camp site all the Meercats pop up from their burrows to see where we were going to park, then having satisfied themselves that we were not going to park in their area they all dissapeared again.


It took us years to work out what they were. On some back roads where they occupied the banking at the sides they were like soldiers all stood to attention regimental like as we passed by, perhaps we should have waved?

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