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Sir Stirling Moss


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BIG Celebrations in our house today


For 18 months now I have been trying to buy a silver Merc W196, or some such number. model silver racing car. This car is Merc No104 and was used for rallying and driven by Sir Stirling plus it is autographed by him.


Im thrilled to bits over this purchase.


I bought it this morning but when arriving at the guy,s house there he had a teriffic collection of hand built racing cars going back for years, the precision and detail has to be seen to be believed, absolutely FANTASTIC.


Three black and gold Lotus,s, the 6 wheel Tyrell, a Ferrari with no decals and a black nose cone commemerating the twin towers, only used for one race.

McClarens, LeMans and F1 in McClarens original orange colour. Many of these cars are autographed.


To cut a long story short I just HAD to buy the lot, about 100 cars in all.


Trouble is that I leave to go back to Spain Tuesday morning so I wont be able to drool over them until June

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Hi Dave

I remember your excellent pictures.

Never been to Goodwood so I will keep it in mind but when we come back in June I have a new kitchen to fit and our caravan to get ready for the September tour of Italy so I don't have too much spare time

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