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Winter in Spain & Portugal

starvin marvin

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Just back from the winter jaunt in the above. Approx 85 nights away, less than last year, but still very enjoyable. 29 nights on sites the rest free camping. Only got moved once by the Spanish local cops in Mojacar after 3 nights, the Portugese cops were as usual pretty invisible.


I hear there were problems with cops issuing fines on the Algarve to free campers, but we had decided after the previous two years of congestion on the Algarve that we would give that a miss this year. A good decision for a change!


We also seem to have missed the worst of the weather, thats everywhere, although its been much cooler that usual. left UK on 17th jan when there seemed to be a break in the freezing conditions, but then got caught up with the cold weather hanging about in France, but missed the snow.


Had the usual "breakdown" in France, this time it was the temp gauge sensor showing off the scale! 300+ euro's and three days later it was fixed. Had to have the alternator belt retensioned in Mojacar/Garrucha, but that was cheap.


Now we're back we just want to be away again, best start planning! we're hopefully going to go much earlier this next winter.

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