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A German who thinks British stands for quality


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I have flown BMid in the past and rated them very highly and was sad to see them go.


Whilst I am glad Wolfgang Prock-Schauer see the name British as synonymous with quality I do wish that British Airways actually provided the quality they advertise.


I have flown a fair bit but after a truly awful flight to Kenya and an equally bad return flight I swore I would not fly BA again and only did so on two further occasions, both of which were bad.


On one occasion when we had to collect an injured friend from Toronto BA was totally useless whereas Air Canada could not have been more helpful.


We used Singapore Airlines for our trip to Australia last year and I think they are probably the very best I have ever flown with.


Only thing that let Air Canada down was the age of the aircraft and lack of seat based entertainment. But service, food and helpfulness was first class.


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