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Fridge Problems


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Over Easter I ran a rally for 75 units, a mix of caravans and motorhomes.


Five or six caravans (not motorhomes) had problems with their fridge (all the same make of fridge, but various makes of caravan)

Some vans were badly stained above the top vent and it appears that there may be something wrong with the burner and the baffle plate.


Because of poor sealing some owners had to turn their fridge off because they were worried about the fumes overcoming them in their sleep.


This combination of unclean combustion, a badly fitted or ineffective baffle plate and poor sealing of the fridge in its housing leads to fumes entering the habitation area.


I told any member who had a problem to contact their dealer. Whether they have done this I do not know.


Such a high percentage of problems is serious and very worrying.

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Could be an issue I have encountered over many years?

My experience is that rust flecks from inside the flue tube fall down onto the burner and can screw up combustion. This seems to happen over the winter and thus is an issue on the first use on gas in the new season.

Luckily with my two later caravans the burner cover has been removable via the lower vents so the dust can readily be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner. An earlier 1991 van required the fridge to be removed each year pre use.

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Certainly have found that general "crap" that seems to accrue around the burner does cause problems. We had a big problem with dead flies in there one year when we stored our old Avondale on a farm.


But the burner would not light so a quick clean and hoover round the burner soon sorted that and away we went!


Only problem we have ever had with fridges running on gas is that they tend to be too efficient!!


We often forgot to turn them down after initial startup and had frozen fridge contents as a result.


OK with milk as that can be thawed - very much not OK with lettuce or cucumber. :-S


Most problems come down to good maintenance - do it and you have no problems - omit it and problems ensue.


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