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metal tyre valves


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Please be aware though these are probably chinese sourced and quality is unknown. You will probably also find the design is slightly different from those fitted where the thread is at the top of the stem for clamping nut and nut is larger dia across flats.

As spares for use in emerency fine, but for long term fitment I would not use. My thoughts for what it is worth - sorry.

I would much pefer to source known quality parts even though there may be nothing wrong with the quaility of the Tyresave ones.


So unless the seller can show evidence they are sourced from a manufafurer with an approved quality system in place ....... you get my drift!

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hi jon,

duncan from tyresave has got back to me regarding your concerns i will copy and paste his email reply

it says


"They are indeed made in China - as are 99% of all motor accessories these days.

I don't think it is possible to buy any tyre valves, either rubber or metal, that are not made in China.


The quality is good - they are made to the appropriate standards.


I don't know why that chap is going on about the nut/thread size - but they fit perfectly - they are much neater than the style where the nut is larger than the shank - and so more suited for use with alloy wheels but still OK to use with steel wheels - tell him I will send him one as a free sample if he sends his address.


They are a specialist item - so most tyre depots don't keep them in stock - the original metal valves in Fiat Ducato wheels do not need changing each time a tyre is fitted - but after about 10 years the rubber seat hardens and you get a leak around the base of the valve.


I expect our valves to last the same 10 years."


i hope that answers your post






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