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Noisy water pump in 2004 Compass Avantgarde

Bob Elswood

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Hi everyone,


I'm just preparing for a short (6 day) trip in the van. On filling the tank and flushing water through the system I noticed a sudden change in the noise the water pump is making.

It still is pumping water but I'm wondering, is it about to pack up on me?


Has anyone else had a similar occurrence?


Also any ideas as to where I would locate this pump ie. is it a submersible and is it easily accessed and changed?


Many thanks for any help/ advice

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The pump in our 2004 Autoquest 100 (equivalent to Avantgarde 100) is in the water tank under the dinette seat. I've never taken it out but had a good look as a "just in case" measure a while ago and it seems to be pretty accessible through the top of the tank.



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