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Driving Licence


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I have Type 2 diabetes and now have to take insulin by injection.


I have notified DVLA and they have given me a three year short period licence to be reviewed in May 2013. This is not too bad as I will be over 70 then so it will have to be reviewed anyway.

At the same time as restricting my licence they have removed my grandfather rights to drive vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes .

Our present motorhome is below the 3.5 tonne limit but one never knows about the future.

I can appeal against this decision but I wonder if it is worth it? Has anyone taking insulin injections successfully appealed a DVLA decision and was it straight forward. ???

It might be better to limit the size of our future vehicles you can get some nice vehicles under 3.5 tonnes. I assume that the 3.5 tonnes refers to total all up weight ,is that correct the DVLA notice does not state.

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Hi Fred,


Yes you can appeal, ask DVLA how to do it. Government agencies should not be able to prevent you from doing thingswithout an appeal procedure being available.


But remember that you will lose your grandfather rights automatically when you turn 70. If you wish to retain those rights, you have to pass a medical at your own expense. I suspect that if you win an appeal now, DVLA will insist on another medical in 2013 .... at their expense.


I understood that young, male, diabetics were the worst offenders when it came to taking their medication, refusing to accept that life had dealt them a hand with a lot of low cards. Maybe DVLA react by going over the top?


Is their a web discussion group for diabetics? I found one for gout. :-(


OT .... years ago, maybe still, it was normal for a biker who lost a leg to be reduced to driving an automatic car or trike. Many appealled, demanded another driving test, and continued riding.



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