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Retro-fitting seat belts .... salesman cobblers!

Mel B

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We're still 'roughing it' ;-) at the Peterborough show at the moment and today were just having a shuftie in some models of motrohomes we hadn't heard of or seen before and happened to come upon a couple slobbed out in the rear lounge of one ...upon striking up a conversation, they told us they have a 6 berth large coachbuilt but wanted to down size but still be able to take their grandchildren away with them .... BUT they wanted a rear lounge model. After scratching our heads and trying to think of which ones have the rear 'proper' seatbelts in (Geist do one I think), the young sales chap poked his head round the door and enquired if they needed any help. They explained their 'wish list' to him and he suggested that seat belts could be retrofitted to the rear lounge. When asked how, he suggested that they just put in the 'posts' to put the seat belts on and they were attached to the chassis.


After a bit of discussion when asking about a steel seat frame to provide support in case of an accident, he said it wasn't necessary - his only defence to not fitting full steel framed seat bases was that it wasn't insisted upon and that they do it 'all the time'. Forget that, I couldn't give a hoot as to whether its a requirement or not, its a safety issue, there's no way I'd take anyone away in a motorhome just sitting on the chip board etc seats even if 3 point seat belts were fitted, especially at the very rear of a coachbuilt with no protection from rear-end shunt.


It was after this that things got really stupid and extremely worrying ... the young chap suggested that if the couple weren't happy with the extra seatbelts being fitted at the rear, they could fit them to the SIDE seats instead!!!! At this point I and the other couple were totally mystified at his, in our opinion, very stupid and irresponsible suggestion, and not a little annoyed (although we were all very civil and didn't say that to him) although I did say in my opinion that this would be the easiest way to disable someone in an accident and was not to be recommended, plus that I wasn't sure if indeed it was actually legal to fit seat belts in that way now to which he didn't have an answer. As the couple were of the same opinion and the sales chap soon scuttled away.


What worries me is that he was quite sure of himself and the way in which they are fitting seatbelts, and it is frightening that this company, who are fairly well known but not one of the main players, should even suggest doing this to what could be unsuspecting purchasers.


Its a minefield out there for newbies!!! 8-)

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