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newby questions A class how big is too big?


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looking at buying a very comfortable motorhome for extended travel so we have been looking at the american A-class models.

It is easy to revel in the space of a parked vehicle but are there practical considerations which we should think about in relation to length or indeed weight.




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Hello Rey & welcome to the forum

A few other areas come to mind & I'm sure others will expand

Not sure if you are a current Motorhome Owner or not. Or if you have any experience with these Big Rigs . The Yanks are large vehicles and can be intimidating in size.

Licence restrictions - I assume you are licenced upto 7.5 tonne, as


Turning circle.

Storage - will you store it at home, if so is your drive long/wide enough. Is the entrance too tight to swing in.

Reduced selection of sites that can accomodate these vehicles.


Good luck with your search

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Do you already have a motorhome?  If not, do you have experience of driving similar sized vehicles?  If no to both, I think you would be wise to try before you buy.

Where would you go, on your extended tours?  What kind of secondary transport would you take for local journeys?

Would you expect to stay on campsites: if so, and you go for one of the larger vehicles, you will have problems due to size and non-stabilised pitches.  If not, you will generally need to find surfaced stopping places: large, heavy, vehicles are prone to getting stuck on unstabilised surfaces, and are not easy to extract once they have sunk in.

You will be subject to lower speed limits, and to width, height and weight restrictions once you get off main roads.

You may find servicing facilities limited not just by size and weight, but also by familiarity with the mechanicals.  If considering Ford, be aware that there have been severe problems with one of the Ford engines that are very expensive to sort this side of the pond.

Be aware that some American motorhomes exceed the maximum permitted width for European vehicles, and that some have been imported and (illegally) registered in UK.  Check this aspect before buying, and make sure you get its legality confirmed in writing.

Also be aware that American electrics are 110V, whereas European are 220V.  A step up transformer must therefore be installed, or the electrics otherwise modified.  You need to check the adequacy of what is done in this respect.

If the vehicle is fitted with a bulk gas tank, you cannot take it on the shuttle, and must use ferries.

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Welcome to the nutters forum! :->


I don't think anyone has mentioned fuel ... they are thirsty beasts even if they have been converted to LPG, they can proved to be expensive to go distances in.


If you can give us a bit more info about yourself and who else will be travelling with you, your experience etc, and your intended motorhome lifestyle, we may be able to help more.



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