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Roof anti slip


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I had imagined that I would cover my motorhome roof with checker plate when I added roof bars and ladder.  One rainy night it occurred to me that rain falling on checker plate above my head was hardly going to help me sleep.  Also, large quantities add significant weight, always to be avoided if possible.


After some thought I settled on the self adhesive, abrasive tape used as foot grip on skate boards.  I reckoned that if it could withstand the punishment of youngsters feet and being left out in all weathers, it would suit the purpose admirably, whilst saving weight, and, on analysis, money too, plus not adding to the sound of impacting raindrops.


The material is commonly sold in handy strips, but for this purpose it is far cheaper and flexible to buy a roll and cut strips to required lengths.  Here is a link to a simple guide for usage (for skateboards): http://skateboard.about.com/od/boardmaintenance/ss/HowToGriptape.htm


My experience has totally vindicated my decision.  Four years on there is no sign of wear or lifting.  A bit of green algae following the Autumn monsoon was quickly scrubbed off.  The grip is superb and I have no fear when strapping on windsurfing boards in a force 6, whilst wearing slippery rubber booties.  You wouldn't want to fall on it as it wouldn't my skin much good, but that hasn't happened and I haven't fallen from the roof either.


I left gaps of about two inches between strips.  These are easily cleaned using a brush rather than a sponge.


Most premium tapes have micropores which allow air to escape when applying, thus avoiding air bubbles.  Worth checking before buying.


It has occurred to me that I could use spare tape to spell a word or number at the front of the roof for ease of helicopter recognition.  Am I losing the plot?


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I used that for antislip on the rear step of my Renault Master; excellent stuff and incredibly grippy.


I reckon you could stick it to the vertical back of your motorhome and just climb up it ...... save the weight of that ladder. :-D



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