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Status 530 Aerial


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I have the above aerial on my campervan, and it seems to have stopped working. I say this because a fellow camper lent me his stand-alone 12 foot high aerial that I plugged into my booster box, and it worked a treat. I received well over 100 stations with perfect reception in this digital part of the country. I re-plugged my Status aerial back into the booster box, and got “No stations found”. It is clear that my connections etc from the booster box into the TV are sound, so the only options seem to be either the aerial itself, or its connection to the booster box.


I have had the coaxial connector on the lead from my aerial into the booster box checked and there is no problem here. I have gently eased the aerial from the vertical sliding bar on the roof, and the coax cable seems to be attached to the aerial OK.


It seems therefore that I may need a new aerial – cost about £130 + fitting. Can I fit this myself? Do I simply pull the sliding bar out from the wardrobe cupboard (having disconnected the coax cable) out through the roof, and fit another one in? Should I take the aerial to our local domestic TV aerial shop for them to check and repair, if possible? Some campers say that an aerial can never go wrong, but yet mine isn't working!


I would welcome any views on my predicament, please. (?)

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I assume you have checked the ON/OFF switch on the Power Pack box & it's is showing power is OK.

See here for Status 530 schematic (scroll down from S315)




It should help if you are replacing like for like.

Only thing to watch is to ensure you remove all the old sealant from the roof, if you replace items E & F in the schematic. I think you should be able to leave the existing E & F insitu.

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