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Lunar Roadstar

croxdale bill

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Hi Bill & welcome to the forum

I don't have any personal experience of Lunar motorhomes.

The Roadstar model range as various lengths from 5.8m to 7.3m long and various No. of berths.

Some of the models are on chassis over 3.5tonnes, so check your license allows you to drive it (class C1) if applicable.

See this site for some model info scroll down to the model you are looking at & double click takes you through to detailed spec.

On the bigger motorhomes there may not be sufficient seat belts to match No. of berths.


Good luck



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Lunar no longer make motorhomes, and I doubt whether you will get much help regarding spares, specifically items, body parts etc manufactured by lunar, most items like fridges, cookers, water systems, and heaters etc are common to all vans. Other people may take a different view but I prefer a manufacturer to be in business at least when I buy it.
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Hi Bill. This brings back memories. Our first 'van was a 2000 Lunar Roadstar 590. Can't remember the model designation but it had a very traditional and practical layout comprising an end kitchen, side settee and adjacent dinette.


It proved to be a very well put together motorhome and the Fiat 2.8tdi gave the impression it would go on for ever. We had it for 3 trouble free years and did around 25,000 miles include several trips abroad.


I'm pretty sure this particular model had a good payload and had more than enough power on tap.


I suggest you ask the dealer for service history; talk to the previous owner if possible; and do the obvious things like inspect the chassis for any corrosion and get an independent damp test.



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We have a Roadstar 630 Y Reg which we have had since new.


Things that attracted us to it were the internal layout, U-shaped lounge and the bathroom door which swings out to close off the cab and toilet area.


We were impressed with the build quality of the habitation area although after five years it suffered from delamination of the floor section. I later discovered from other Lunar owners that this was not an uncommon feature of the marque. Walk up and down a bit, if it feels spongy, it's knackered! Having said this, if you are a DIY freak, repairing it is no problem. Todd's of Preston were particularly helpful with materials and advice and mine is now solid as a rock. Better still, get the vendor to sort it before you buy.


The roofrack eventually proved a problem, water ingress occuring around the fixing screws. Result - new inner and outer roof panels. Very expensive. However, to be fair to Lunar, this was my fault. I did not identify it soon enough and when I did, I didn't act immediately.


Having said all this, we love it to bits and are not considering parting with it.

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