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New laptop needed for use any where

hotrod 49

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You can use any laptop anywhere, so long as you have means to charge its batteries.

What I think you mean, is that you are looking for a way to connect to the internet from anywhere.

Nearly all laptops have WiFi built in, so anywhere you can find a WiFi hotspot, or a connection via campsite, McDonalds, Starbucks etc etc WiFi systems, you will be OK with no additional equipment, and frequently nothing extra to pay.

You can get mobile dongles, basically wireless phone modems, that enable connection over the mobile phone 3G networks.  However, roamed data transmissions using these are very expensive.

If you want connection from literally anywhere, even out of range of mobile phone networks, you can get satellite based communications packages using a roof mounted dish.  This is not a satellite tele dish, though the comms dishes will pick up the tele programmes.  However, these were around £5,000 for the dish and gubbins last time I looked, and the transmissions are extra to that, so definitely not a cheap option.

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Leisure electrical goods specialists RoadPro claim to have done a lot of research on the equipment and service providers available to non-professional users. They offer a range of hardware (c £1.7-3K, plus fitting) and provide information on the two service providers' access packages . See page 53 of the current catalogue and their website www.roadpro.co.uk. This should give you a useful introduction to what is possible before you delve deeper into the subject.



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