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Which Awning?

Tony Norton

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Hello all,


having only recently undergone the conversion from "chuggers" to "tuggers" we are in the process of adding, as one does, all the bits that don't come with a new 'van.


The next thing is an awning, makes such a difference, somewhere to sit, entertain, stow all the spare gear etc. Question is which one?


Obviously we like the Isabella range, who wouldn't, but when you're talking about 1050cm awning you're looking at a lot of bread. Ventura is a possibility but still on the dear side. Then we discovered 2 more, the Dorema and the Riviera. Unfortunately, try as we might we haven't been able to find any outlet within reasonable distance that has erected examples of these one can view. So-called retail outlets for the Dorema come up with comments like "....displaying them is not cost-effective....". (!) How the hell do they expect to sell them if the buyer can't view the product? Living, as we do, on the South Coast a trip to Preston just to view the Riviera is not a practical proposition.


Any recommendations and comments anyone has on quality, value for money, ease of erection (not at all easy at my age - but I digress) as well as any adverse comments would be most welcome.


Just as a 'by the way', why did we switch from "chugging"? Well, I wasn't prepared to go the illegal route of towing a car on an "A" frame, (somebody's going to get 'done' for this sooner or later and it probably would have been me) and the GTW of our motorhome made for quite a weight juggling exercise to go for trailer and car, so we decided that the only way to get to see the areas that we visit, be able to pop to the shops, go out for a meal without having to take down the awning, pack away everything in the motorhome and then try to find somewhere to park in a small town, was to buy a caravan with suitable towcar. So we did. Mitsubishi Pajero plus (Cardinal badged) Swift Charisma 620 and we're hoping it's going to live up to expectations.


Happy "tugging" to all.


Tony N



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