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vets in france

sheer lunar-see

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Hi all, good afternoon. Just a quickie, probably been on before, but I am quite new to this. On my last visit to a french vet, costing me 111euros, he told me that it would have been a lot cheaper if I had taken my own supply of Frontline, and the correct amount of Milbermax worm tablets for both my dogs. Is this the case with all vets ? and can anyone out there please reccomend other vets within the 24-48hr travel time to calais, dont want to hang around calais, seen enough of it over the years. We will be traveling up from southern brittany.

Cheers for any help. Nigel & Dee.

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Howdy - welcome to the mad house!


I like the name - you should fit in well here!!!! :D


There's one we use quite often at Ardres, Guines, they are very good and reasonably priced, not a massive distance away from Calais but still far enough to have plenty to do the following day whilst you are in the waiting period before your crossing. They are happy for you to take your own medication with you.




Here's a previous thread with some more info. :-D

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We always stay the last two days at Camping la Chaumiere - see:




The owners wife is also a receptionist at the vet in St Omer and they will make the necessary appointment for you and you will get a discount. Few weeks ago we paid 45 euro to have our dog vetted before departure - without resorting to taking our own treatment.



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Hi and welcome

We have travelled with our dogs to Europe since the first days of the pet travel scheme, and the two things I learned very early on were

a) always take your own supply of frontline and wormer (we use drontal which is accepted) and

b) always enquire how much the consultation will be when you make the booking. I always haggle for a good price as we have 2 dogs and we normally pay about 40euro for both. I have noticed that if you use a vet in a smaller town the price is definitely cheaper. We have used one at Laval a few times who is very good but also one as far down as Mansle (just outside Angouleme), but as we use the ferry at St Malo this may well be too far out for you.

Do an internet search before you leave and look for vets addresses in the towns that you are likely to pass through, keep them in a small notebook and add to them as you find reliable ones, if they have got the sat. co-ordinates so much the better but the Sat Nav should direct you with the postcode and address.

useful phrases:

Je voudrais prendre rendez-vous s'il vous plaît pour .......(the date) au .......(time) - I would like to make an appointment please for ...date/time

Quel sera le coût - How much will it cost?


Hope this helps and happy travels with you hound dogs!


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Thanks guys for all your answers. Glad to know where not the only ones sad enough to take our best friends on holiday. We are off again in september and will defininately carry a note book of vets, and if we find a really cheap one we will let you all know.

Cheers Nigel and Dee .

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