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automatic windscreen wiper fault

tricky dicky

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We have a Fiat Ducato (2009) fitted with headlight and windscreen wiper sensors. Since the beginning of the year the generic failure warning light (yellow triangle and exclamation mark) has been 'on' with accompanying message that "automatic windscreen wiper is unavailable". Linked to this is the prior appearance of the same warning light on operation of the trip computer and subsequently, the operation of the trip computer activates or deactivates the automatic windscreen wiper (but with no discernable pattern).


The local Fiat agent have been very helpful and replaced all the obvious bits. Now that Fiat Customer Relations are involved, Fiat have suggested that the fault is due to a reflective windscreen and an absorptive windscreen might solve the problem. This might make sense if it were just the automatic windscreen sensor which is at fault, but coupled with the trip computer activating the warning light and its interplay with the windscreen sensor (and the fact that the headlight sensor is OK), I am not so sure. It seems like a more general electronic problem.


Has anyone else had similar problems? or ideas?


A friend has commented that it is easy enough to turn on your headlights and windscreen wipers ~ but its nice to have the same facility on the van as on cars! Perhaps things are gettign too clever for their own good!

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