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Hot plastic smell from Truma.


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We had a hot plastic smell from our Truma Boiler recently and felt the water was getting too hot, so I took the van to Whispaire in Romsey Hants, they are Truma Agents and very good, it turned out that a temperature sensor was playing up and had to be replaced, the problem was that the plastic cover plate and fan housing had melted and become brittle so I had both parts replaced as well. The total job cost me £270 inc vat so I was pleased with that.I would recommend Whispaire Romsey to any one who needs Truma service in Hampshire, they are also able to fix problems with Fridges and electrics too. Another Motorhome was in their workshop whilst I was there and the owner wanted to be able to run his roof top Electrolux Air Conditioner off an inverter whilst driving and they were in the process of doing the wiring etc to enable him to do that, just an example of their abilities, apparently a mate had wired it up for him and everything had gone pear shapped so they were sorting it all out.
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