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'Toad' car


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Does anyone 'out there' tow a Toyota Yaris on an 'A' frame (or on a trailer) Behind their Motorhome ? how does it tow ? which 'A' frame or trailer do you use ? and how do you get treated or charged on sites ?

I am asking all this because we are getting(any day now) a new Yaris as our everyday car (we do 6000 miles or less a year over mainly rural roads) and we would like to 'take it on holiday' with us behind our 'new'(used) motorhome (as yet unchosen or purchased). Would a 2.2 Peugeot engine be 'man' enough to tow it or would it have to be a 2.8 ?

We are thinking of an Autocruise van pre- X250 and no older than 2005,

prefereably with an Alko chassis (for less rear overhang). We mainly tour the UK, Highlands and islands and Ireland but with a 'newer' van we may venture to Spain and Portugal (on the 'Wellington peninsular war trail').

I have read all the Dire warnings about towing with an 'A frame' but have also talked to lots of folk on sites who do it all the time,and just say 'go for it'. So, do you tow a 'Yaris' ?? All response greatly appreciated.


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Yes we tow a yaris no problems at all used towtal for the frame.


Never been charged on site but in portugal Albufara we left it in the car park rather than pay £5 a day.


Bigger the engine the better


Again we have never been stopped in europe and we have been through road blocks and had loads of police pass us


Go for it



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Hi Ray


we've got a 2008 Yaris 1.3 SR that we tow. I opted for the Chris Cox A Frame as it was competively priced , Chris collected the car from home and delivered it back the following day and I would happily recommend his services 100%.


We've only had chance to tow it once and in all honesty it was no problem at all and I seriously didn't see too adverse an affect of towing other than on some inclines I did need to change down a gear where maybe when not towing I would not have.


I have commented else where on this forum about what you need to do with regards the keyless system , happy to advise if you cant find it.


I thought long and hard over the trailer / A frame debate and opted for the A frame for a few reasons.

- Cost was over half of a trailer (admittedly based on new not second hand)

- we dont have anywhere to store a trailer not least because everywhere I contacted recommend a twin axle

- my impression is that sites may charge for a trailer or request its not left on pitch whereas there seems to be no such issue with a car (in some respects a MH and toad is not much different to a car and caravan on a pitch)

- based on our toad car needs having a trailer would have taken us to on or just over the max weight we can tow and I didn't want to tow at max limits

- we only intend towing in th UK at present.


Hope this helps



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We tow a Smart 4two on a Bantam trailer. Less wear and tear on the car and tyres.


We were charged for a car as well as a Motorhome at the car park for the 360 degree cinema at Arromanches. Had no problems with this outfit on any of the Aires we used during our recent 7 week tour of Normandy & Brittany.

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