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electric step on my 2004 Hymer B614


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Flicka has already posted some of the things I did to try and fix my step. None of them worked but I recommend you follow them first. It turned out to be the Control Unit [mine is a Schaudt EMS, a little black box about an inch deep and three inches square in a cupboard by the step]. It took Hymer UK two attempts to find the fault.


Most people can solve the problem by cleaning the switch on the motor. On mine, if I feel on the lower side of the motor on the step side, there is a little protrusion of about two inches rather like a pencil. Mine is covered in a ribbed rubber 'sock'. This is the switch that needs to be clean and move freely in and out.


When tinkering with the step, watch you hands and head because the motor can suddenly spring to life and crush bits of you - not pleasant! A motorhome is not much use to you with a dented head or crushed fingers.


You can manually retract your step and fix it into a retracted position. This means you cannot use the step but at least you can drive the vehicle. If you peer at the motor side of the step long enough, you'll see how the bolts work. You remove the bolt to the motor arm, push the step in, and then bolt the step back in so it doesn't move. Then use cable ties to ensure it remains in place. Let me know if you get stuck. Once you've done it, it's obvious. It's not so obvious the first time. I haven't got the van handy at present so I can't give you the exact method of manual retraction at the moment.

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Hi flicka, thanks for your advice, unfortunately my problem still exists. I have rigged up temporary feed to step via double pole switch so I can now lower and raise step. However I still need to locate step relay so that original switches i.e. switch by door and one next to steering column on dash, will work. I need to locate the relay.


I have all the time in the world, but running out of patience.



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