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weight capacity


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There will almost certainly be a Peugeot data plate, probably under the bonnet, which will give you this info.

It normally shows the max permitted weight and the max weight for each axle and also the total permitted weight with a trailer.


If there has been an upgrade, which is not uncommon, there will be be a plate for that too. I've seen these under bonnet but also in the drivers seat well.


The actual carrying capacity is the difference between the vehicle weight as it stands and the permitted weight. The only way to find this accurately is to weigh the van loaded with your kit and yourselves and see what is left.




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The "Elegance" name has been used by a number of motorhome manufacturers.

As your's is based on the Peugeot Boxer, my guess is either Autosleeper or the Elddis group (includes Compass)

Can you post the full model details, which will help members to assist with answer.


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