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Is the modern Motorhome any better than ........


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We have a 2006 model that is square-ish in appearance with a fair amount of space internally.


Recently we looked at some 2010 models at around £70.000 and did not like them one bit !!


They looked very pretty with decorative furniture but Oh boy they were so limited for space. There was satellite navigation installed at the front that appeared to occupy an enormous space, and for what? The doorway had nice looking ergonomically designed entry steps, unfortunately they were more suited to a slim teenager than larger bodied adults.


It would appear that trendy fashion designers are now being unleashed to work their miracles on the motor caravan industry.


In contrast we went to a steam event at Kemble Aerodrome at the weekend where of course there were dozens of new and old models so we made ourselves known and knocked on a few doors.


I found much favour with the older models, 1980’s ?, possibly not the warmest in winter and decidedly square in shape … but … the amount of internal space was quite noticeable , square furniture perhaps but for space they were unbeatable, they had all the necessary items for comfort, not decorative but adequate. I liked them.


And what do you do when in them, simply gaze outdoors. New is not THE BEST perhaps?


And I'm game for lots of criticism.










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Our Old-Dog is 1992.....and we love it.


No, it's not flash at all, looks hideously dated both inside and out.

Slow as an arthritic sloth.

Bits fall off now and then.


But a 6 berth A-Class MH, in excellent nick, with 80,000 kms on the clock, reliable as clockwork, for under 18,000 euros, with a 12 month warranty.

No electronic stuff to go wrong.

Engine is dead simple to home-maintain.

Mechanical spares cost very little.

Breakers yards are full of mechanical parts.

I don't have heart failure about drilling holes/adding shelves, plug sockets, or any other home-modifications.


If I scuff or scratch it it isn't the end of the world.


No-one is ever gonna nick it.


I wash it about once a year, whether it needs it or not.


And it's depreciation rate is very low now (it ain't got that far to go before it's worth buggerall!)




But we love using it. We don't have it for it's own sake, but for the fun, the travel, the adventures that we get up to in/with it.....it's simply a tool.


For us, yes, older is better.



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