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Overcab water ingress from marker lights

mike 202

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On my 2008 Autosleeper the front marker lights in the overcab part of the bodywork filled with water from rain. The water made it way into the inside of my motorhome and the first thing I knew was a mould appearing. My dealer remove the lenses and saw that the fittings were cracked which let water into the motorhome. The dealer fitted new fittings under warrenty and a subsequent very thorough ( interior panels were removed ) annual/damp check confirmed that all was now ok. Now either the light fitting fixing screws were overtightened during manufacture or the fittings just cracked - who knows.

I am more than happy with the way that I was treated by my dealer (Marquis) and Autosleeper. I thought that this cautionary tale might help others think about checking these marker lights, on any make of motorhome, in case they fill with water.

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